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Brunswick Bierworks

Brunswick Bierworks Taproom
Toronto Craft Brewery
Toronto Craft Beer


Brunswick Bierworks is a co packing and contract brewing facility. They have partnered with brands such as Innis and Gunn, Lake of the Woods, Lost Craft, Woodhouse and Omnipollo just to name a few. The facility is newly built and is absolutely spotless. They have a large taproom which has 20 taps offering their selection of Brunswick and their partners beers. They host a number of in house events and will often have food pop ups. Located in East York they are easy to get too. In regard to quality of experience and variety of beer offerings Brunswick is second to none in the East End of Toronto! 


Here are some of our favourite beers that you will find at Brunswick Bierworks

  • Omnipollo - Zodiak IPA - 6.2%​​
    • ​Omnipollo is a Swedish microbrewery that partnered with Brunswick to allow its beer to be freshly brewed right here in Toronto! Their Zodiak is an American IPA bursting with fresh citrus and piney notes. 

  • Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA - 6.5% 

    • Phillips releases their this beer once a year. This White IPA is hop forward however the aromas and flavours are well balanced through the use of wheat in this recipe. Which provides it with a smooth mouthfeel and a slightly sweet crips finish. ​

  • Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier - 5.4% 

    • Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in the world still in operation today. Founded originally in 1040AD they are now brewing their famous Hefeweissbier right here in Toronto! This beer is loaded with Belgian Yeast characteristics such as Cloves and Banana. Crisp, refreshing but complex. Can be enjoyed all year round. 


Brunswick Bierworks is located at: 25 Curity Avenue, 
East York, ON M4B 3M2, 416.285.1269

​Best Way to Get There?

  • With no convenient local transit the easiest way to get to Brunswick is to drive as they have lots of free customer parking or use a car share service! 

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