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Henderson Brewing co

Henderson Brewing Company
Henderson Craft Beer
Toronto craft beer


Henderson Brewing Co. is named after Robert Henderson. A man who lived in the town of York (later to be known as Toronto) in the 1800's. Mr Henderson opened up the first brewery in Toronto in 1800 AD and the Toronto beer scene hasn't looked back since! Henderson is a great place to visit as it has a casual, friendly atmosphere that is very inclusive. They launch seasonal beers constantly including their Ides series as well as their collaboration beers with the Rock and Roll legends the Canadian band Rush! They are proud to be based in Toronto and you can see their passion for the city with some of their beer names such as their Pearson Express IPA. In addition to great beer offerings, Henderson has food trucks and food pop ups almost every weekend so that you can eat some delicious, local food while enjoying your beer(s). 


Here are some of our favourite beers that you will find at Henderson Brewing Co. 

  • Henderson's Best - Amber Ale - 5.5%​​
    • Henderson's Best is the breweries flagship beer. It is a modern take on a classic English style ale. Notes of toffee and caramel are well balanced with a overstepped tea bitterness. 

  • Pearson Express IPA - 6.5% 

    • Named after the train runs right beside the brewery this mouth watering IPA is a mix of both East and West Coast IPA styles. Up front there is a piney bitterness which is then followed with tropical fruit notes. 

  • Rush Golden Ale - 5.5% 

    • Rush teamed up with Henderson to bring you this Golden Ale. Piney and grapefruit aromas on the nose with smooth rye sweetness on the palate this ale can make time stand still


Henderson Brewing Co. is located at: 128A Sterling Road Toronto ON M6R 2B7 - 416-535-1212

​Best Way to Get There?

  • We recommend using the TTC, biking or taking a ride share to Henderson. This brewery is centrally located on the West end of Toronto and is convenient to get to! 

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