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Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery
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Left Field Brewery is a small, independent brewery based in Toronto’s East End. Founded in 2013, Left Field has quickly become known for creating unique and flavourful beers that are sure to please any craft beer enthusiast. This brewery is baseball themed, with all of the beers being named after various baseball terms. If you are a baseball fan head on over to the brewery for the next Toronto Blue Jays game for a great time! Left Field Brewery started the "Beer for Everybody" initiative which fundraises for local causes. With their welcoming, dog friendly taproom and large variety of events throughout the year, Left Field Brewery is the perfect spot for craft beer lovers looking to enjoy a relaxing day or evening with friends or family. 


Here are some of our favourite beers that you will find at Left Field Brewery

  • Blackburne - Imperial Stout - 9.7%​​
    • ​Named after the secretive "Rubbing Mud" used to add grip to new baseballs in the MLB. Blackburne is a dark mysterious Imperial Stout loaded with decadent chocolate, toffee and vanilla notes. 

  • Laser Show Double IPA - 8% 

    • Named after a hard hitting line drive this Double IPA is bursting with tropical fruit, lychee, melon and orange juice. 

  • Greenwood IPA - 6.3% 

    • This full bodied IPA is is full of flavour with quite a long finish. Notes of peach, orange, grapefruit and sweet pineapple stand out. 


Left Field Brewery is located at: 36 WAGSTAFF DRIVE
TORONTO - 647 346 5001

​Best Way to Get There?

  • We recommend using the TTC, biking or taking a ride share to Left Field Brewery. Parking is limited so if driving, please plan ahead. 

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