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Rorschach brewing co.

Rorschach Brewing Company
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Rorschach Brewing Co. is located in the East end of Toronto and has become one of the city's most beloved craft breweries. The brewery which is located in a century old home, prides itself on offering unique beers that focus on balance of flavour and aroma above all else. The three founders all attended the University of Toronto where they started home brewing and one day dreamed of opening their own brewery. In 2015 they made their dreams a reality. Rorschach is constantly incorporating a variety of uncommon flavours, such as spices and fruits, to create intense and complex flavour profiles. With a commitment to quality ingredients and creative experimentation, Rorschach Brewing Co. continues to provide the Toronto craft beer community with truly exceptional brews


Here are some of our favourite beers that you will find at Rorschach Brewing Co. 

  • Heresy Super Smoothie Sour - 7%
    • This sour Berliner Weisse is loaded with passionfruit, raspberry and plum flavour. 
  • Cloudland Oat Cream Double IPA - 8.5%
    • Brewed with oats, wheat and milk sugar this Double IPA has notes of tropical fruit, passionfruit and mango. 
  • Reminiscence - 4.9%
    • Reminiscence is a sessionable Mexican lager. Easy drinking with light notes of toast and corn tortillas 


Rorschach Brewing Co. is located at: 1001 Eastern Ave, Toronto - 416-901-3233

​Best Way to Get There?

  • We recommend taking the TTC, driving, biking or taking a ride share to the brewery. 

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