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Shacklands brewing

Shacklands Brewing
Toronto brewery
Toronto craft brewery


Shacklands Brewing is located in the Junction neighbourhood in Toronto. The area used to be referred to as the Shacklands as many of the houses originally built in the area in the 1800's were made by hand. Shacklands Brewing specializes in Belgian Style beers. They are consistent award winners at the Ontario Brewing Awards and the Canadian Brewing Awards which is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of their brews! Their eclectic taproom is full of action figures, VHS tapes, and retro memorabilia. Their team behind the bar are always eager to talk about their beer. We recommend a trip to Shacklands to any Craft Beer fan. 


Here are some of our favourite beers that you will find at Shacklands Brewing

  • Saison Davenport - 6.4%
    • This can conditioned Saison has been made since Shacklands opened their doors in 2017. You will find notes of black pepper, clove and a slight sweetness. ​
  • Razzle Blazzle - 4.8%
    • Razzle Blazzle is a can conditioned fruited sour that is packed with raspberry and black current flavour with a reasonable amount of tartness. ​
  • Obscure Monk - 5.3%
    • An American Pale Ale but made with Belgian yeast gives the obscure monk a citrus heavy nose with a delicious clove, and fake banana flavour​


Shacklands Brewing is located at: 100 Symes Road, Toronto - 416-763-2424

​Best Way to Get There?

  • We recommend taking the TTC, driving, biking or taking a ride share to the brewery. Lots of parking available 

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